Botnet click fraud

Malware is used to remotely control compromised computers, known as bots, and network them into a single botnet. A botnet can be instructed to view and click ads, simulating user traffic. As a result, botnet operators can generate revenue simply by creating a website, signing up as a publisher, and directing their bots to view and click on the advertisements contained on their own website.

A single compromised computer can cost advertisers an estimated $50 per month. Botnet infections occur at the rate of 18 computers per second.

Pay-per-view networks 

PPV networks are comprised of legitimate websites that use JavaScript provided by PPV network service providers to render unwanted web pages "underneath" requested content on a real user’s browser so that additional advertising impressions are registered.

An estimated 500M invalid impressions per day are generated by a small subset of PPV networks costing advertisers $200M+ annually.

AI that mimics a user 

We help advertisers avoid paying for non-intentional traffic by continually monitoring 2 billion URLs. Our AI examines not just the static content captured by a crawler but the actual dynamic experience of users accessing these sites from a variety of browsers, operating systems, devices, etc.